• Lightsaber

  • weapon 1

Lightsaber can be a powerful weapon when used correctly (especially when combined with the Force Powers). The Saber is very good in offense, each time a saber passes through a player's body, it deals damage, depending on swing type and hit location. You can use your lightsaber as a projectile, highly useful even against other saber users.

  • DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol

  • weapon 2

Blaster Pistol is a good basic weapon which has infinite ammo. The primary fire mode is pretty useless, since it deals little damage and can be blocked easily by a lightsaber. The secondary fire on the other hand, when fully-charged, can kill an enemy in one shot. The longer you charge it, the more powerful the shot will be.

  • E11 Blaster Rifle

  • weapon 3

In primary fire mode, it fires at a slow rate a single straight shot, which deals a small amount of damage if it hits the target. In secondary fire mode, it rapidly fires the same type of shots, but their direction is a bit randomized (low accuracy). If you meet up with a group of enemies and you don't have more advanced rapid-fire weaponry, this is a good choice of weapon to use. The best strategy is to get close to enemy and shoot with secondary fire.

  • Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle

  • weapon 4

The Tenloss Disruptor Rifle is the best weapon for long range combat, since there's no delay between firing a shot and it hitting the target. In the primary mode, the Tenloss Disruptor Rifle fires a single shot. It is very accurate and quick, though the amount of damage is relatively small. The primary fire is good against other snipers who are expecting you to be using the secondary fire. The alt-fire mode allows you to charge the shot before firing, which deals much more damage. However, it requires you to remain in one spot while the shot is charging.

  • Wookiee Bowcaster

  • weapon 5

In primary fire mode, you can charge each shot by holding down fire. When you shoot, there will be multiple shots fired out in an arc, and the longer you charge, the more shots are fired. In secondary fire mode, the shot bounces off of walls (ricochet-capable single shot). It has a faster rate of fire than the primary function and deals much more damage.

  • Imperial Heavy Repeater with Concussion Launcher

  • weapon 6

The repeater's primary fire sprays metallic bolts at a very quick pace toward your target, which can be useful at close range, but only if the target doesn't have his saber up. The rate of fire is faster than any other weapon in the game. The more useful mode is the alt-fire, which fires a blue blob. Similarly to the rocket launcher, the blob deals splash damage on impact. However, unlike the rocket launcher, the blob is affected by gravity, instead of travelling in a straight line, so aiming it is rather different (and easier in some situations).

  • Destructive Electro-Magnetic Pulse 2 Gun

  • weapon 7

The demp is particularly effective against electrical objects (AT-ST Walkers and other vehicles), temporarily stunning them and preventing them from firing. In alt fire mode, firing the demp will generate an expanding field of electricity, which does more damage the closer the affected players are to its origin. The field can be charged for greater range by holding down fire before releasing it. Additionally, affected players will be prevented from firing any weapon of their own, or using force, for a short period of time. For example: thermal detonator fully charged (ready to be thrown really far) discharges and its user must waste more time to charge another long throw. The secondary fire destroys all mines and rockets in the pulse range and is able to harm through walls. The primary fire mode fires a weak projectile version which is not affected by gravity. If you hit an enemy player with it, it will have the same effect as the field version (prevents them from shooting their own gun and using force for a short time) as well as deal a small amount of damage.

  • Golan Arms FC1 Flechette Weapon

  • weapon 8

This is one of the most effective guns in the game. The golan's primary fire is a burst of small particles that can deal a fair bit of damage to the target. It can be useful for finishing off a target once you get their health points low. The secondary fire mode fires two explosive balls at a target. Unlike its primary fire mode, the 'orange' balls are affected by gravity, and bounce on walls and the floor. They will explode if they come into contact with a player, or after a certain amount of time. The balls' initial trajectory is a bit random, so it's easiest to get them to hit at close range.

  • Stouker Concussion Rifle

  • weapon 13

The primary fire mode fires a powerful energy shot which deals splash damage, and is not affected by gravity. The secondary fire mode fires an instant beam which will knock down any player it hits who is close to you. If the player is too far away, it will do just a small amount of damage and mildly change their angle of velocity.

  • Merr-Sonn PLX-2M Portable Missile System

  • weapon 9

The rocket launcher is a great weapon in the game. Its missiles travel in a straight line when you fire them, and will explode on impact with anything. The explosion will deal more damage the closer the enemy is to it, so the best strategy is to aim at the enemy, but in such a way that if you miss, there will at least be a wall or floor that you hit instead which will still deal them some damage. The secondary fire mode fires a single 'smart' missile that tracks acquired and locked targets.

  • Thermal Detonator

  • weapon 0

Thermal Detonator is a small explosive device. To use one, you first charge it by holding down the fire key and fire it by releasing the key. The longer you charge it, the more force you will fire it with. Thermals are affected by gravity. In primary fire mode, a thermal will bounce around off all walls and floor until a certain amount of time passes, at which point it detonates, dealing splash damage to anyone near it - unless it happens to hit a player first, in which case it detonates immediately. In secondary fire mode, instead of bouncing, any impact will cause the thermal to immediately detonate. The secondary fire mode is more useful, since it uses the same amount of ammo but deals the damage quicker and doesn't leave time for enemies to run away from it.

  • Trip Mines

  • weapon 0

In primary fire mode, once placed, it detonates if the beam is broken or the mine is destroyed - whoever touches the laser will cause the Trip Mine to explode, dealing damage. In secondary fire mode, once placed, it detonates if someone is in its proximity or the mine is destroyed. There is no beam and an enemy simply has to be within a certain range of the mine for it to explode. There is an upper limit to the number of Trip Mines that can be placed which is 10 (regardless of whether they are primary or secondary). For each additional Trip Mines you attempt to place, the first one placed will disappear (not explode, but simply vanish), then the next, etc. Secondary Trip Mines of course explode on their own after some amount of time.

  • Detonation Packs

  • weapon 0

A detonation pack is essentially a small explosive device with a remote detonation trigger. By pressing the primary fire key, you will throw a detonation pack in an arc in front of you. The secondary fire key will detonate any detonation packs that have been placed. You can also fire one and immediately self-kill when you are right next to an enemy, which will deal them a lot of damage as it will instantly explode, kamikaze-style. Detonation Packs of course explode on their own after some amount of time or if the player who placed them dies.