How to access the console?

Choosing the right configuration for your game can make a big difference in the quality of your gameplay. You can change a handful of game settings via the in-game menus, but to unlock the game's full potential, you must learn to take advantage of the game's console.

To activate the console, press shift + tilde (~) on your keyboard while ingame. The console view will scroll down from the top. You can enter commands into the console one per line. The tab key auto-completes commands, map names and (if disconnected) demo names like a unix terminal.

Press PgUp to scroll up and PgDn to scroll down when you’re searching for entries through many other entries. Multiple commands can be run on a single line by separating them with a semicolon ;.

Basic Commands

writeconfig <filename>.cfgWrites your game configuration in the file with the given name.
exec <filename>.cfgLoads (executes) previously written config file.
connect <IP>Connects to the specified server.
serverstatusPrints to the console a summary of the server's status, including a full list of connected players.
Shows a list of all commands, client variables, and currently-bound keys.
snd_restartRestarts the sound system.



Binds are how you execute commands in-game without opening the console. Instead, you bind a key to a specific command, which executes when you press that key. For example, in the vanilla configuration, W is bound to +forward. You can create your own binds by running the command /bind <key> <command> in the console. e.g. /bind g kill.


Most of the variables can take only two values: 0 and 1. You can use an exclamation point ! to create a toggle between them to change the current state to the other.

Example command: /bind <key> cg_thirdperson ! - will make the key button switch onscreen between first and thrid person.


If you want to automatically trigger some commands when you start the game, create a text file on notepad called autoexec.cfg and save it in your /GameData/base/ folder. Write the commands you want, one-per-line, and they will automatically be executed when you start JA.

Config Files

All of your setup information is stored in a .cfg file, if you start your game and there are no cfg files in its /GameData/base/ folder then it generates a default jampconfig.cfg file for you. The file is both executed on every launch and also rewritten on every exit. It saves the state of all archived variables, as well as all of your assigned binds. The settings in the cfg file relate directly to the console commands, so if you know the console, you can write a cfg, and vice versa. You can manually execute any .cfg file in the console by typing /exec <filename>.cfg.

Optimizing Your Config

Essential commands for improving your Ping & FPS.
snaps 40Allows you to receive at most 40 frames per second from servers.
rate 25000Allows you to receive more bytes per second from servers.
cl_maxpackets 100Makes your client send at most 100 position updates per second to the server.
com_maxfps 125Increases the frame-rate of the game to at most 125.
View & Utility
cg_fov 97Increases your field of view, allowing you to see more around you at once. 97 is the highest value possible without a third party mod. With an unlocking mod, using 120 instead is popular.
cg_hudfiles 1Disables the graphical HUD and replaces it with a simpler, text only version. Clears up more screen space so you can see more, and is easier to read at a quick glance.
cg_drawGun 0Disables drawing the gun on the screen when in 1st person view. Allows you to see slightly more of the world - you can still determine which gun is selected by using the little icons at the bottom when you switch weapons.
cg_drawRadar 1Enables drawing of the radar in the right side of the screen.
cg_drawTeamOverlay 1Displays your teammates names, health, armor and location in the upper right corner of your screen.
cg_drawTimer 1Draws the remaining time in the game in right-top corner of your screen. It is very important for knowing when the spawns occur.
cg_drawFPS 1Draws how many frames per second the game is drawing at.
cg_lagometer 1Draws a lagometer on the right side of your screen.
cg_simpleItems 1Replace 3D world items with 2D icons.
name <playername>Lets you customize your in-game name. Use the special sequence ^0 through ^7 to add colors to your name.
cg_bobpitch 0
cg_bobroll 0
cg_bobup 0
cg_runroll 0
Eliminates swaying in first-person mode.
cg_crosshairSize <value>Size of crosshair, measured in pixels.
cg_drawCrosshair <value>Displays the specified crosshair image.
cg_jumpsounds 1Enables jump sounds, which means that you will hear little grunt noises from characters when they jump.
cl_yawspeed 3000Makes you spin very fast when you press your +left/+right bind. Useful for doing saber katas, since your blades will pass through enemies far more times and do a lot more damage.
r_gamma 2Changes the brightness of the game. The default is 1. Using 2 lets you see things at a more even brightness, which helps see players hiding in dark areas.
Custom Resolution
r_mode -1Enables you to use a custom resolution.
r_customwidth 1920Note: r_customwidth X, where X is width of your desired resolution (example: for 1920x1080 resolution, replace X with 1920).
r_customheight 1080Note: r_customheight Y, where Y is height of your desired resolution (example: for 1920x1080 resolution, replace Y with 1080).
r_fullscreen 1Sets the game to run in fullscreen.
vid_restartRestarts your video to apply new resolution settings.