What is Siege?

Siege is a fast-paced, class-based gametype in Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy multiplayer.

Many of us have been playing for over 10 years, and we are still inventing new strategies!


While the concept is simple, the strategy is deep. Offense runs through a map to complete a set of objectives, defense must kill and delay them for as long as possible to prevent this. When the attacking team achieves an objective, the defending team is pushed back to a new location, where they have a new objective to protect, meaning the game will generally change scenery over the course of the game.

Teams switch after the first match. If the offensive team had won the first match, the new offensive team has a time limit equal to the time it took the first team to win. For example, if the offense in round 1 took 14 minutes to complete the map, in round 2, the teams swap and the new offense has a maximum of 14 minutes to complete the map.


There are six main siege maps. From most-popular to least-popular:

  • Cargo Barge 3 (community map)
  • Urban (community map)
  • Strike on Nar Shaddaa (community map)
  • Hoth Assault 3 (improved version of default map)
  • Mission on Cloud City (community map)
  • Ansion (community map)

You don't need to worry about downloading community maps. If you install NewMod, your game will automatically download any missing maps for you.


Siege allows the player to choose from a variety of classes, each of which have their own specialty. Every character can contribute with their own unique skill set. You should familiarize yourself with all class selections on all maps. As you play, you will learn when it is most appropriate to play which classes. Every map has different classes, but they can usually be described as following:

  • Assault is generally a balanced class with decent weaponry and health.
  • Heavy weapons is usually slower, but with better weaponry.
  • Tech heals teammates, gives ammo, places shields, and uses the DEMP electric gun to disable enemies and the ATST.
  • Demo is a powerful class with excellent weaponry, but is easily disabled by DEMP blasts from the enemy tech.
  • Jedi is very fast and has great attack and manueverability, but low health and is only good at close-quarters.
  • Scout has excellent speed and a fantastic weapon, but it is more difficult to use and is impractical in some close-quarters situations.


The objectives in siege are very easy to learn. You can read about them in the "objectives" menu in-game, by running through them on your own, or by simply playing the game. Most objectives fall into one of these categories:

  • Destroy an object
  • Grab and item and deliver it to a certain location
  • Physically reach a certain location
  • Physically reach a certain location with the ATST
  • Use or hack a control panel