• BioTech Bacta Canister

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Bactas come in 2 types: "Big Bacta" and normal one - "BioTech Bacta Canister". The first type is less common and restores up to 50 health points. The normal bacta restores up to 25 health points and it is a part of equipment of many Siege classes.

  • Seeker Drone

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Seeker Drone aids the player by shooting short-range blaster bolts at nearby enemy players. The drone operates automatically for a limited time and then self-destructs. It can be used to detect enemies, especially those using Mind Trick.

  • Portable Assault Sentry

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Once activated, the weapon unfurls and is set to auto-target any enemy threat. The Sentry drains battery life at an accelerated rate and once it's deployed, can't be restored to its original portable condition. When the battery runs out, it will auto-destroy (with a small explosion - enough to harm you or enemy). It can also be destroyed from enemy or your own fire.

  • E-Web

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It's a great weapon to destroy enemies buildings and cannons (including Shield Generator in Hoth Assault Siege). However, its slow rotation rate and big recoil makes it pretty useless against mobile targets. Also keep in mind that E-Web can be destroyed and the explosion kills the owner in most cases.

  • Stationary Shield

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This stationary energy field can be dropped at any location, at which time it deploys a large flat shield that can block enemy fire. Allies can pass through the shield, but enemies cannot. The deflector shield will disappear after expending its power supply or after enduring a certain amount of damage from either friendly or enemy fire. Tech's shield item is very important component of siege gameplay.

  • Jetpack

The jetpack allows the wearer to fly for short durations, giving him a tactical advantage over others. To activate the jetpack, jump (+moveup), then press use while in the air. Pressing use a second time will turn it off. Holding jump will allow the user to gain altitude, while holding crouch will decrease altitude. The Jetpack of course has limited fuel which recharges only when your item is turned off.