JKA Siege Maps

Custom maps help keep the game fresh, since by default the game comes with just 3 siege maps.

You don't need to worry about downloading community maps. If you install NewMod, your game will automatically download any missing maps for you.

List of siege maps in alphabetical order:

Map PreviewMap NameFile NameDeveloper(s)Download
Alzoc IIImp/siege_alzocIII Black
Ansion (BETA)siege_ansion_beta12 Onasi
Attack on the Flying Fortresssiege_flying_fortress Turquoise Dragon
Battle of Geonosissiege_geo1b J3rk
Battle on Mygeetosiege_mygeeto3a J3rk
Battle on Theedsiege_theed1a J3rk
Battle on Yavin 4siege_yavin4 Bio Kasto BiD-One
Base Assault IIsiege_bomb1b J3rk
Byssmp/siege_byss Black
Cairn Dockmp/siege_cairn_dock Black
Cargo Barge 3siege_cargobarge3_v5 Duo
Cargo Bargesiege_cargobarge Oinkerwinkle
Castlesiege_castle Turquoise Dragon
Codessiege_codes Duo
Conquest of Thule Moon (BETA)cotm Caesar
Crystals (BETA)mp/siege_crystals_b3
Destroyermp/siege_destroyer Raven Software
Droid Balldroidball1d J3rk
Eat Sandmp/siege_eat_sand Black
Eat Showermp/siege_eat_shower Black
Endorsiege_endor Oinkerwinkle
Eternal Lair of Suesseternal_suess Orbitius
Eye of the Stormsiege_eye_of_the_storm Caesar
Fate of the Republicsiege_fate_of_the_republic Caesar
Hidden Minesiege_mine2b J3rk
H3H Base Assaultsiege_h3h2b J3rk
Hoth Assault 2mp/siege_hoth2 Duo
House of the Fallensiege_hotfo1a J3rk
Imperial Basemp/imperial_base Black
Imperial Facilitymp/siege_imperial_facility Black
Imperial Hangarmp/siege_hangar Black
Imperial Minesiege_imperialmine_v1 J3rk JizzO
Imperial Raid 2: The Bank Jobthe_bank_job Orbitius
Imperial Warehouse Night Raidsiege_warehouse_raid Orbitius
Jhothsiege_jhoth1b J3rk
Kill the Mutant Rancormp/siege_ktr Xeon
Korriballkorriball1b J3rk
Korriban Valley Updatedmp/siege_korriban_b5 Grab
Korrigunssiege_korriguns Turquoise Dragon
Kuat Raidmp/siege_kuat_a1 Black
Lightsaber Trainingmp/siege_training Grab
Mission on Cloud Citymp/siege_bespin_b16 Grab
Mission on Imperial Destroyermp/siege_imperial_b2 Grab
Project Digimon 2mp/siege_PD_2 Black
Project Digimon (1.23)mp/p_D_1_23 Xeon
Racemp/siege_race Black
Railmp/siege_rail Black
Random Siege Map 1Dsiege_rdm1d J3rk
Silly Roomsiege_sillyroom Oinkerwinkle
Strike on Nar Shaddaasiege_narshaddaa Duo
Taanab Assaultmp/siege_taanab Black
Taspirmp/siege_taspir Black
Team Picker Arenasiege_teampicker Duo
Tie Factory Test Dossiege_tietest2 J3rk
Ultimate Siege Mapsiege_usm1a J3rk
Urbansiege_urban_b8 Duo
Underwater Basemp/siege_uwb Xeon
Warehouse Raidsiege_warehouseraid Tomadox
Warrior Guild Assaultsiege_warcom J3rk
Yavin (BETA)mp/siege_yavin_v2a3 Grab
Put the .pk3 files in your GameData\base folder, usually /steamapps/common/Jedi Academy/GameData/base/.